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EnergyLock offers two types of spray foam insulation: open-cell spray foam insulation and closed-cell spray foam insulation.



What is the difference?

Open Cell:

Less expensive, creates an excellent sound barrier, typical R-value of 3.5 to 3.7 per inch, perfect for interior walls.

Closed Cell:

Creates an air tight barrier, typical R-value of 6 per inch, perfect for attics and exterior walls, creates a moisture barrier.


There are two types of foam-in-place insulation: closed-cell and open-cell. Both are typically made with polyurethane. With closed-cell foam, the high-density cells are closed and filled with a gas that helps the foam expand to fill the spaces around it. Open-cell foam cells are not as dense and are filled with air, which gives the insulation a spongy texture.

The type of insulation you should choose depends on how you will use it and on your budget. While closed-cell foam has a greater R-value and provides stronger resistance against moisture and air leakage, the material is also much denser and is more expensive to install. Open-cell foam is lighter and less expensive but should not be used below ground level where it could absorb water. Consult a professional insulation installer to decide what type of insulation is best for you.

*source: U.S. Department of Energy


Insulating Your Home or Place of Business


We offer spray foam insulation to your home or place of business. We commonly insulate wooden or steel structures, including unvented attics that cannot be insulated with fiberglass.


Insulating Your Unvented Attic


Attics are often smaller crawlspaces with more awkward corners and spaces, and spray foam insulation can easily be sprayed into and mold to those areas.

To learn more about using spray foam to insulate unvented attics, visit this article from Building Science Corporation:

Understanding Attic Ventilation _ Building Science Corp


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